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Fostering Taekwondo Spirit by teaching the traditional Korean martial art Classes sorted by communities to promote friendly relations among the respective communities.

Taekwondo class


* Beginners' class
- Correct posture training
- Taeguk Sprit training
- Complement : 10 or so

* Intermediate class
- Taeguk Chapter 1 to 4
- Taeguk Chapter 4 to 8
- Complement : 10 or so

* Advanced class
- Keumgang / Taebaek
- Complement : 10 or so

It will be change due to situation.

Period Schedule Contents
2 weeks before
beginning class
Registration, class assignment
distribution of class schedule
2 to 1 week before
beginning class
Orientation for voluntary
Introduction of the center and
important duties of instructors
1 week after
beginning class
Election of class
Important matters concerning
regulations and principles of
the center Distribution of class
schedule and material
3 weeks after
beginning class
  Tea party before of after class
4 weeks after
beginning class
  Presentations(twice a year)

It will be change due to situation.

Application and requisition

Fill out personal information card after consulting education supervisor about curriculum, schedule, class arrangement, etc.
* 1 photo and designated application form of the N.I.C.E are needed.
- Submit to officer of N.I.C.E