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Medical treatment


Namdong International Council takes care of the health and well-being of foreign workers, who, due to language barriers, do not even dare to go to a small hospital. Here, minor diseases and wounds medically treated. There are over 500 000 legal and illegal foreign workers in our country now and their number is bound to increase.
We have been helping medical service to be a true neighbor to them in times of illness and suffering since 1995. Here, we want to share thier pain.
Our aim is to guarantee them the same level of medical service as is provided to Koreans.
We, Namdong International Council is open to foreign workers who suffer from diseases resulting from a poor working environment and unhygienic conditions, and from ailments caused by the stress coming from differences in cultural and eating habits and from living in a foreign country through sister hospitals.
And, all foreigners who have health problems can be provided by doctors at 3rd Sunday in every month.

Treatment object class and time

Acupuncture treatment and oriental treatment- 1: 30P.M. to 5:30P.M.(every day)
Western medical treatment- At anytime
- Fields of medical treatment: Western medicine, Oriental medicine, dentistry

- Medical treatment will be supplied by:
Jeja Medical Mission, Woori hospital, Red-cross hospital, Pupyoung Midical Center, An Jung Kyoung Hospital.

- Process of Consultation and Treatment:
Consultation - Receipt - Medical Pre-examination - Issue a letter of request for medical service or acupuncture treatment - Transfer to hospital