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Korean life / Legal Information Program

* Legal services: Labor Law& Employment Legislation/ Immigration Law/ Practical Law ...Information
...Contents: Labor Law, Employment Law, Immigration Law, Practical Law Advice
* Practical Education: Sexuality Education, Security Education
..Creation of settled and stable life conditions through Education for Adaptation to Korean ..Society
Contents: Sexuality Education, Industrial Security Education, Adaptation-to-Life Education


* Law Classes

-Labor laws & Employment control law : About protecting labor rights of foreign workers
-Immigration control law : About immigration and visa extension
-Practical law : About Korean economy and living in Korea
※ It will be change due to situation.

*The classes of Life in Korea.

-Sexual education : About establishing health sexual culture through right sexual knowledge, preventing sex-related accidents, preventing sexual diseases, and counseling sexual problems
-Life adaptation education : Helps adaptation to Korean life and reduces troubles and confusions caused by cultural differences .
-Industrial safety education : About preventing and minimizing industrial disasters in work places
※ It will be change due to situation.

Application and requisition

Fill out personal information card after consulting education supervisor about curriculum, schedule, class arrangement, etc.
* 1 photo and designated application form of the N.I.C.E are needed.
- Submit to officer of N.I.C.E