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Introduction and Content

Namdong International Council's Supporters of Korea is providing consultations about violations of human rights regarding delay in payment, industrial disaster, accidents, violence, swindle, death, compulsory accumulation, and seizure of passport that foreign workers can go through in Korea and also providing life consultations to help foreign workers adapt to Korean life.

1)Industrial accidents

2)Health care/welfare

3)Delay in payment

4) Swindle/violence

5)Female problems

6)Home/international marriage

7)Human rights/racial discrimination


Purpose and plans of Management

To help migrant foreign workers who are working or trying to find jobs in Korea adapt to Korean society peacefully by solving various problems and difficulties they are facing through sharing and consulting them. We will try our best to practice love for those who are in troubles through advices and consultations of legal experts of labor laws and human rights and fix our position as a reliable prop for migrant workers on the basis of faith, justice, and love of mankind.