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*Teaching computer skills necessary to keep in touch with family and friends in the home country.
*Teaching to make free use of computer technologies for a more convenient life
*A professional and systematic education for new employment creation
-contents: Windows OS -Internet, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, HTML & Photoshop, GIF Animation

Beginners' class

-windows OS / 인터넷
Keyboard practice / Basic computer terminologyHardware-related terminologyUnderstanding of folders and filesCopy / Move / PastePrinter settingWindows setting and additional hardware installationInternet / E-mail / Internet Explorer

Intermediate class

Open / SaveBasic fonts / ParagraphPreview / PrintView menuTableHeader / footer,
page numberingInserting picturesGrammarPractice with examples
Open / SaveConcept of Excel sheets and *.xls filesCell formBasic of calculation and function (sum, average)Function II (if, rank, string function) and moreChartPrintMaking example Excel files
-MS_Power Point
Open / SaveFormat fontsDesignating design format file, slide construction, and slide re-constructionInserting word art, pictures(clip art), and sounds Figure Chart Functions of execution button Slide show / switching screen Animation effects PrintMaking presentationsTip: Movability of files

* Advanced class

- HTML & homepage
Using HTML tags with notepadInserting images / making a simple homepageMaking splendid homepages with java scripts
- Photoshop/ Gif animation
Open / save filesMenu windows/ toolbarsFiltersPrintCutting images / uploading to hompagePractice with photosTip: Examples of using java scripts

※ It will be change due to situation.

Application and requisition

Fill out personal information card after consulting education supervisor about curriculum, schedule, class arrangement, etc.
* 1 photo and designated application form of the N.I.C.E are needed.
- Submit to officer of N.I.C.E